Post-Easter Hangover

Dear Post-Easter Hangover,

You are a vicious cruel beast, to continue to remind me of my failings, to continue to remind me that I go right back to my vomit like a dog, like a fool to my folly. I forget the truth of what was a cause for great celebration just a handful of days ago, forget that this truth is for everyday. New life. I run back to you because of the slavish comfort you offer, like the Israelites crying out to go back to the food and life they knew in Egypt when they had the Promised Land before them, so I am. You are a snake, paralyzing me to look within myself instead of looking to the very cure, the very remedy that can save me and everyone around me.

Look to Him and live.

Remember. New Life from death.

Death is defeated and Jesus reigns, tell the world there is hope in His name. He pushed back the darkness, He conquered our sin, and Christ will make all things new again.

I don’t just get my normal, mundane life given back to me. I have a new life given to me, though still ridden with pain and mundane, a cascade of an overtone that breathes joy and peace is sung over the whole of it. New Life. The dirty dishes have meaning. The emails back and forth have meaning. The asking of forgiveness to those around me have meaning. It all has meaning. This meaning is beyond what the world offers. When all around me is death and destruction, this meaning means everything. It screams of a Kingdom come.

This new Kingdom replaces these thudding, stone cold hearts into hearts full and vibrant of new blood, new life, illuminating the very corpses around us and pouring out, deep crying out to deep, great grace, mercy, and love. Resurrection.

Oh, let me not forget.

Give me strength to remember.

New Life from death. This is what the gospel offers.

Look to Him and live.